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INFOMAN Unlocks Hidden Efficiencies for Keyes Fibre

Keyes Fibre


Keyes Fibre Corporation
Wenatchee WA


Molded fiber packaging
Locations: 2
Employees: 110
Users on Sage Accpac: 10


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Order Entry
  • Inventory Control
  • MISys Manufacturing Software
  • Sales Analysis


Change in ownership required a new financial and manufacturing system that could provide accurate costing data


Sage Accpac ERP with MISys Manufacturing Software, implemented and supported by INFOMAN


End-to-end system has automated all aspects of accounting and operations, providing real-time cost information for improved profitability

"It would be a nightmare to have to use manual records and stacks of spreadsheets. I can't imagine how we would run our business without INFOMAN and Sage Accpac."

- Josh Weldy, Controller, Keyes Fibre Corporation

The next time you marvel at the perfection of a crisp Washington State apple, thank the folks at Keyes Fibre. For more than 50 years, the Keyes plant in Wenatchee has provided molded packaging to protect eggs, wines and fruits -- particularly apples -- during shipment. Wrap Pack, a subsidiary in nearby Yakima, manufactures custom tissues for pears, apples, citrus and wine bottles.

Keyes Fibre went through a corporate restructuring in 2001, and could no longer use the previous owner’s legacy accounting system. So it searched for a replacement that offered end-to-end integration, warehouse management, and effective costing. It selected INFOMAN as its business partner, who implemented Sage Accpac ERP with the MISys manufacturing software.


INFOMAN designed a Sage Accpac system to automate all aspects of Keyes Fibre’s business, which is complicated and very high-tech. Large amounts of recycled paper and cardboard are treated with pulp and paper chemistry to strengthen the finished product, allowing for protection of the fruit during transit and storage. Fibers are processed in enormous vats, dyed, and then stamped out into shapes. After drying in ovens, packaging is automatically stacked and bundled onto pallets.

Sage Accpac lies at the heart of the entire enterprise, providing management with a 360-degree view of operations. Purchase orders are processed for raw materials and items are received upon arrival. Completed finished goods are recorded as they are manufactured through MISys, where a bill of materials function depletes raw materials and tracks direct labor, overhead, and resources to create the cost of finished goods. These costs are then captured and transferred to the inventory control module, for accurate cost data.


Josh Weldy, Keyes’ controller, appreciates the exceptional service he receives from his business partner. “The greatest things about INFOMAN are their technical expertise and responsiveness. I’ve worked with them on everything from very simple to complex issues in both of our plants, and I continue to be amazed by the depth of their knowledge. No matter what I ask, whether it’s about Sage Accpac or MISys, they have been able to resolve the issue because they know the software inside and out.”

“Furthermore, they’re very quick to get back to me. They tell me exactly when they will be able to work on our projects, and they follow through. Having dealt with less reliable resellers in the past, being able to trust INFOMAN means a great deal to me.”


Another benefit of partnering with INFOMAN is their familiarity with accounting practices, according to Weldy. “It’s one thing to know software, and another one entirely to understand how a company like ours manages its finances. John Burgess, our INFOMAN representative, takes the time to think through our entire system, rather than just prescribing a quick fix. As a result, we get a more sophisticated solution that works better in the long run.”

INFOMAN wrote many custom reports that streamlined operations at Keyes Fibre. “Besides detailed costing information, we can also run real-time inventory reports. At the push of a button, our production manager can create an operational measurement report on a wide variety of production items. These help us get maximum value from our investment in Sage Accpac and make smarter business decisions,” says Weldy.


INFOMAN’s Sage Accpac system worked so well at Keyes Fibre’s Wenatchee plant that it is now being adopted in the Yakima facility as well. “The second system is set up as a separate company within Sage Accpac,” notes Weldy. “We’re not using the consolidation module, but instead simply rely on the financial reporting function in Accpac. This makes it easy for us in the sense that we can extract similar data from both locations, and then do combined reports however we like.”

Weldy is sold on his partnership and software. “We’re extremely happy with INFOMAN and the solutions they give us. It would be a nightmare to have to use manual records and stacks of spreadsheets. I can’t imagine how we would run our business without INFOMAN and Sage Accpac.”

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