Document Management

Document management allows companies to handle their business documents which streamlines processes and improves efficiency. Key functions of a document management solution include:

  • Document repository for electronic storage.
  • Workflow engine to manage document approval processes.
  • Output automation tool to streamline document delivery.
  • Business process management for any department or process. The main benefits of a document management solution are cost savings, time savings and process improvements.
  • Cost savings: reduced file cabinet and storage costs, printing and form costs and mailing and courier fees.
  • Time savings: streamlined processes resulting in decreased cycle times, simplified audits and instant document retrieval.
  • Process improvements: users can manage to the exception with sophisticated reporting and auditing capabilities, workflow automation and alerts/notifications.

DocLink is a unique document and process automation solution. It eliminates paper and associated bottlenecks, simplifies processes, and increases control and visibility. DocLink also automates the delivery of documents to customers, vendors, and partners alike.

Document Capture

Workflow & Document Processing

Smart Forms

Document Management

Mobile Access

Automated Delivery

Go Paperless with DocLink

Automated Document Capture: Not all document management solutions have the ability to capture an electronic image of a document along with the associated data at the moment it is created in the accounting system. Other solutions require that you print a document and scan it back to get the image and data. With DocLink, that happens automatically, saving paper and keystrokes. Paper documents can be automatically imported from a working directory into the repository and workflow.

DocLink Mobile: Customers can search for and retrieve documents, do workflow approvals and even capture files and photos to index into DocLink — all from their mobile device.

 Side-by-Side Processing: DocLink includes the ability to open a scanned image of a document beside the entry screen in Sage. When data is entered into the Sage screen, it is re-purposed as index values for the image of the scanned document. This integration ensures DocLink is always in sync with the accounting system. As someone voids or updates within the ERP, DocLink updates the related document’s metadata.

Auto-/Retro-Index: Auto-Index will help minimize manual indexing by pulling information from related documents that have already been saved in the repository. Retro-Index also minimizes manual indexing by going to documents previously indexed and adding new information as it comes in (e.g. adding a check number to the original invoice).

Smart Forms: With Smart Form Toolkit, users can create and fill out customizable forms with validated fields that can be routed for approval before importing that data into the ERP. This allows users who don’t have a Sage license to participate in the coding and data entry, helping to streamline processes like expense reporting, credit card reconciliation, new vendor requests, order entry, etc. Smart Forms can also be used to manage a process like HR on-boarding. A document will trigger the start of a workflow that may include adding related documents, marking a check box or filling out data. Alerts and reporting help ensure that the process gets completed in a timely manner and no steps are forgotten.

Scalability: Customers will have varying levels of needs and budgets. Offering a scalable solution allows you to address each of them. You can start them off with just the repository so they can begin storing documents electronically. As their needs grow, you can continue adding on different modules that provide them with advanced functionality.

Exclusive Sage Partnership: DocLink is Sage-endorsed which provides you, the reseller, with many benefits. Sage Document Management is on Sage’s price card and contributes to your tier credit. Whenever new versions of Sage ERP products are released, you can be sure that Altec has prepared for the changes. Additionally, you will find Altec at all of the Sage-sponsored events, making it easy for you to bring your customers for a one-on-one in-person meeting or demo.

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