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Successful business leaders looking to improve operations have all recognized the growing need for business intelligence (BI) software. However, the key to increasing efficiency; making better-informed, data-driven decisions; and achieving higher growth rates can’t be found in just any random business intelligence software. You need a solution that’s exactly right for your unique company.

Unfortunately, knowing that your organization needs a good business intelligence solution doesn’t get you any closer to understanding which BI tools would be right for you. After all, there sure are a lot of options out there to choose from.

If you’re not quite sure where or how to start looking for your BI solution, it’s time for fresh, helpful advice and guidance on what business intelligence solutions can offer your business. Get tips now when you download the BI-focused eBook from Infoman or read on for more information.

The Path to Better Business Intelligence

Everyone wants better, clearer, more accurate insight into the workings and operations of their business, but it can be hard to reach a place where your business intelligence software solutions give you the advantage over your competition. That’s because gaining the advantage requires that you choose the best solution for your business.

At this point, you’re probably near the beginning of your search for BI solutions for your Sage 300cloud system and you need to narrow your options and create a shortlist before you can move forward. The handy, new eBook from Infoman can help you identify the BI features that will best support your company’s growth, so you can ensure that the solution you choose has what you need.

Here are just a few of the offerings that a solid business intelligence solution should provide your company:

  • Enterprise-Wide Access

Having different aspects of your company’s activities stored in their own data silos is pretty much the exact opposite of streamlined efficiency. When your BI solution offers seamless integration of all your records companywide, you’ll have access to the in-depth insights that will help you stay fully informed as you plan your goals and initiatives.

  • Mobility

These days, everything seems to be mobile – and for good reason. Mobile devices offer a lot of potential when it comes to streamlining business operations because having accurate insight into your company’s performance whenever and wherever means you can act fast on those business epiphanies you have in the middle of the night or while stuck in commuter traffic.

  • Purpose-Driven Templates

Though business leaders often feel like everyone else has the answers they need, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that you aren’t the only business leader who sometimes has difficulties making sense of all your organizational data. Good BI solutions include well-defined templates that help you understand all your data.

The best solutions also include pre-set reporting features that help you move fast on meaningful information, so you can take advantage of emerging opportunities or mitigate sudden risks.

There’s a Lot More to Business Intelligence Than Meets the Eye

As you’ve realized by now, not all business intelligence solutions are created equal. Some are simply better than others because of the helpful features they offer – and some, unfortunately, lag behind on their offerings.

It’s critical that you choose the right BI solution to support your company’s needs, now and in the future, because you can’t afford to lose your competitive edge due to limited insight and vision.

That’s why you need the advantages that a comprehensive business intelligence solution can provide… and that’s why Infoman is here to help you out with a new eBook, all about the top features you should look for in a business intelligence solution.


Get more details on BI solutions and how to choose them when you download the new eBook, “Top 5 Business Intelligence Features to Help Grow Your Business.”


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