Discover How Sage Alerts & Workflow Can Put You in the Know


The speed of life gets faster and faster all the time. These days, with all the new, advanced technology, the business world has also become faster than ever. There’s never enough time to keep on top of everything – honestly, it’s sometimes all you can do to keep up with the really important stuff when you have to run your business at top speed.

That means that sometimes things slip through the cracks….

But they don’t have to.

Running a Business Requires You to Stay on Top of Critical Information

You already know that your business is changing constantly, but what you don’t know is where you’ll find the time to keep checking on your Sage 300 data and systems, so you can make sure you’re always informed of important changes, updates, and deadlines.

After all, some of these changes require your immediate attention, like:

  • Contracts expiring
  • Delays in delivery
  • Upcoming invoices due
  • Stock running low
  • Price increases

Even if you manage to keep up with the details listed above (how do you find the time?!), your list of to-do items probably stretches well beyond that. Eventually, your time will all be accounted for and you’ll still have information you need to look up in your ERP and connected modules.

As we said, there’s never enough time to keep on top of everything… unless you’re running Sage Alerts & Workflow with your Sage 300 ERP.

What Is Sage Alerts & Workflow?

Sage Alerts & Workflow for Sage 300 uses preconfigured or customizable triggers, which are so named because they “trigger” an automatic notification or action when a predefined rule is set.

Think it sounds hard to create these triggers? Think again. Sage Alerts & Workflow provides a wizard-driven Query Design Module that makes the process a snap, even for people with no technical knowledge or programming skills.

Trigger options are virtually unlimited and can include notifications about:

  • Overdue invoices
  • Low quantity on hand
  • Price overrides
  • Invoices posted today
  • Purchase orders received today
  • And more…

Move Your Company’s P.O.V. from Hindsight to Foresight

Yes, hindsight is 20/20, and clear retrospection works great for those lessons you learn as a child. In the business world, however, that type of delayed knowledge can be deadly to your company.

To be successful in the future, you need information before something happens. You need accurate, up-to-date data that will give your company the foresight it needs to stay competitive and grow.

Get away from painful statements like, “If only we had known…” and start being the organization that says, “I’m glad we saw that coming.”


Watch the Sage Alerts & Workflow recorded demo to learn how you can help your business become a data-driven organization.


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