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When starting Sage 300 you may be prompted with the following, ominous-sounding message:


Despite the exclamation point icon, this is for information only and nearly always there is nothing to be concerned about.  This doesn’t mean it should be ignored forever but you don’t have to stop everything to deal with the message.

What’s going on? Sage keeps track of certain processes (imports, day end processing, check printing, etc.) so that, should they not finish, you can correct the issue and complete the process without starting over or restoring from backup (I’m thinking of my fellow ACCPAC Plus alumni).  When the process starts, a restart record is written and when it finishes the record is removed.  Upon startup, Sage 300 checks for these records and prompts the message above if one or more are found. You should review the restart maintenance periodically.  If the restart record file fills up you will not be able to continue with critical processes that rely on restart records.

How to get rid if the message.  As the message states you can go to Administrative Services | Restart Maintenance to review the restart records.  By default, only the ADMIN user can see this object but it can be granted to other users with the Security Groups and User Authorizations. Use the blue arrow buttons to “spin” through the file.  If you click the “next” button and nothing changes you are at the end of the file.


There are two types of records that you can see.  The first are harmless and can be safely deleted.  Shown below is an import record.  You can see the date and time that the record was created and the user who initiated the processes.  If I were to fix the error in the file and finish the import the record would go away on its own.  However I can safely delete it if I don’t care to continue the import.


Occasionally, I’ve seen a blank record.  These can also be safely deleted.

The second type should not be deleted without consultation.  Sometimes these records indicate serious problems.  Sometimes they just indicate normal processes that are still in progress.  Sometimes there are other records involved that would get stranded and cause additional problems if I were to delete the restart record.

Below is a record for AP check printing.  This record indicates that I’ve not completed the process.  When I finish, the record will be removed automatically.


If there was a problem with posting the check batch, I would know it by other messages within the check print/post process.  There may be multiple steps to correcting that problem.

Again, please do not delete these types of records without consultation.  If you have any questions about whether a record is safe to delete or not please contact us.

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