Sage CRM

Sage CRM

Success Stories

American Pool | Read the PDF
In this video, Karen Snyder of American Pool Enterprises explains how Sage CRM enabled increased productivity and efficiency in her company. She also explains how Sage CRM enables different offices to collaborate.

In this video, Karen Zfaty, Director of Marketing Information systems for PARS, explains how Sage CRM helped it grow revenues by 60 percent over the past four years.

Lincoln Waste Solutions | Read the PDF
In this video Lincoln Waste Solutions Services discuss partnering with Sage CRM.

Cortland Savings and Banking Company | Read the PDF
In this video, Sara Smith of Cortland Banks describes how Sage CRM helped the bank. She explains how Sage CRM helped Cortland Banks reduce duplicate entries and errors in its database. Today, Cortland is more productive and provides better customer service.

Alberta Construction Safety Association

Thermo-Twin Industries
Sage CRM has become mission critical for Thermo-Twin, facilitating a 25 percent growth in sales and near-instant reports on where revenue is coming from, now and into the future.


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