The Two Types of Business Intelligence

White Paper

What kind of information do an organization’s employees need in order to perform their jobs to the best of their ability?

Generally speaking, executives and managers are looking to gather strategic information, analyze it, temper it with their own knowledge, and then make what are often wide-reaching decisions.

Nonmanagerial staff, on the other hand, most benefit from task-specific information, details that will help them perform individual business operations in the most efficient manner possible.

Two different groups, two different types of information. Both groups in need of business intelligence (BI).

So why is it that over 65% of all organizations have implemented only strategic business intelligence solutions, effectively helping their executives and managers but leaving everyone else out in the cold?

This paper discusses:

  • The origins of business intelligence
  • How it started
  • Why almost immediately it became the exclusive domain of an organization’s management

This paper also details the need for “operational business intelligence,” including the unique capabilities offered by this kind of BI solution.

Download the white paper to learn more!

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