TaiRox for Sage 300cloud Helps You Save Time When Working in Your ERP


Your Sage 300cloud ERP system was built to help streamline tasks across operations for your midsized company, and your peers in the business world tend to agree that the system works great at saving time. After all, without a robust system like Sage 300cloud, it would be difficult (if not impossible) to coordinate orders and accounts across multiple geographies and time zones.

But, of course, Sage 300cloud is a software tool, which means it’s not perfect.

Though the digital tool helps speed tasks that would have taken forever on paper, sometimes you may feel like you waste quite a bit of time copying data between companies or accounts, setting up user permissions, or doing any of those other dull, day-to-day tasks that we all have to suffer through with our computers.

If you’ve been itching to speed up those time-consuming, boring tasks, TaiRox Productivity Tools for Sage 300cloud can help.

What Is TaiRox?

TaiRox Productivity Tools are a suite of add-ons for Sage 300cloud that help you increase the capabilities of your Sage 300cloud application and modules, so you can get more done in less time.

Most of the TaiRox tools perform simple, yet game-changing actions, such as copying and pasting across accounts and companies, adding search flexibility, and performing bulk changes or updates all at once. Sure, these aren’t “sexy” add-ons, like some of the new, paperless or mobile enhancements out there, but they’re useful for pretty much every single business leader – and they’re the kind of add-on you’ll probably use every single day.

In short: TaiRox Productivity Tools are the workhorse add-ons that’ll free you from all those hours you spend messing with your computer. TaiRox will help you take back your time.

What Can TaiRox Do?

Here’s just a small sample of what TaiRox can help with:

  • Copy vendors, accounts, segment codes, and account groups across multiple companies
  • Mail merge documents from Sage 300cloud
  • Copy calendars and new years across multiple companies
  • Set up user permissions faster and easier with copying
  • Sync timecards
  • Use search-engine-like search tools to find customers, vendors, and manufacturers quickly
  • Ease dropship processes
  • Skip straight to the windows you want to see when entering orders or shipments
  • Bulk update hundreds of shipments and POs at one time
  • Complete faster stock reorders
  • Delete various orders to simplify day-end and keep inventory numbers accurate
  • Gain insight into inventory quantities at other locations
  • And more…

TaiRox Productivity Tools: Increase the Power of Sage 300cloud

Sage 300cloud helps your business do more with less effort, but in today’s fast-paced, constantly-evolving business landscape, it seems none of us ever have enough time to do all the things we need to do to ensure long-term business growth.

With TaiRox tools fully integrated with your Sage 300cloud system, you’ll have the ability to take back your time, increase your productivity, and finally gain control over your company’s digital operations.

Isn’t it time you unlocked the true power of your ERP?


Contact Infoman to learn more about how TaiRox tools help boost business productivity for all businesses, and then set up your free consultation to see TaiRox in action.


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